We get asked lots of questions and no doubt you’ve got plenty that you want to ask as well! Here are some that others have asked and hopefully helps you out to making a decision on whether or not you want a pool, and what’s involved.

Why Have A Pool?

Having a swimming pool at home offers many more benefits than simply helping you cool off in summer – although there’s nothing like the feeling of jumping into the water on a hot day. Here are a few more benefits that pool ownership has to offer:


Having a pool at home is a great way to fit exercise into a busy schedule. Swimming is a terrific, low impact way to keep fit and stay healthy. It provides an all-over body workout that uses nearly all of your muscles and protects your joints from stress and strain. Swimming is also a peaceful and calming activity that helps you unwind.


Television and computers are quickly becoming the entertainment activity of choice for kids and teens. This is leading to an epidemic of childhood obesity and has also been shown to affect socialisation, inhibit creativity and cause Vitamin D deficiencies. A backyard pool is a healthy alternative to inactive interests.


Entertaining is easy when you have a pool. Fire up the BBQ, bring out the banana chairs and serve up some punch while your friends and family enjoy each other’s company and the great outdoors.

How much should I budget, and how many quotes should I get?

Three quotes are a good comparison, anything over this and you are getting yourselves confused.

It’s so important that you get ALL of the information upfront, and as with most things, if you go with the cheapest quote… you will get what you pay for. Do a spread sheet of all your quotes so that you can determine exactly what you are getting from each pool builder and can compare apples to apple. If one quote is very cheap, you may get stung with variations and then the price usually goes over the dearest quote that you have obtained. By doing up a spread sheet with each component listed out, you will be able to see what is missing from the various quotes and make a more informed decision on who you want to work with.

Download our pool build comparison spreadsheet

Do you have any tips on how to save money?

If you are doing other works (ie. landscaping or house renovations) you can get them all approved at once. This will help you to save on fees with the council and/or certifier. Building a pool is not a cheap exercise. Look at the experience of the builder and their knowledge of pool building. Ask LOTS of questions because chances are an experienced builder will know the most cost-effective way to construct your pool and if you’re up front about your budget, can work with you to deliver what you want without ‘hidden surprises!’

What does zoning mean?

Zoning is the landscape ratio depending on the Council zoning of the property will depend on what size pool you can have. Different rules for Council Development Applications and what can be approved by a Private Certifier as a Complying Development application. Sammy is an expert at Council regulations so make sure you ask him lots of questions about this if you are getting him to prepare a quote. More information in the initial stages of planning is always a good idea. To find out more information regarding zoning for your specific property obtain a 149 planing certificate (approximately $55) from your Council website.

What does it mean if I have a sewer line on our property

It’s imperative that you obtain a sewer diagram (usually one of the last pages of the Contract of Sale when the property was purchased). This will determine where the Sydney Water sewer and mains are and will great determine where the pool can be positioned.

Do you help us with the design of the pool as well as build it?

We can also work with you to create impressive water features. We are specialists in infloor cleaning as well as automation systems, which is all carried out by our in house team.

Are all pool builders the same?

No. There is a lot of misinformation that some pool builders will give out to ‘win’ the job and then once you’ve signed the contract, many issues might crop up. It really is up to you to cross reference and check the credibility of your pool builder. Ask lots of questions, do your research and check out their previous work and their reputation. It will pay in the long run to do your due diligence at the start.